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April has been such a busy month, overflowing with everything from piano exams and fundraisers. Our days start early, end late, and seem to fly by in a snap. But staying busy is a good thing, especially when you're doing what you love most.

A few weeks ago, we were part of Michael Allen Harrison's musical production of the Passover story, Crossing Over: A Musical Haggadah. Experiencing the Jewish culture and singing in Hebrew is such a rich experience, and even though it was our third year as a part of the cast, it was still incredibly special and touching.

The concerts are a benefit for the Oregon Area Jewish Committee.
We also performed at the annual Wilderness International Conference. Everyone there was so passionate about God's creation, and sharing our music with them -- most of which was inspired by the gorgeous world outside my window -- was a priceless experience.

We were featured in their magazine last month too. Here's a snippet from an article I wrote:

I see a story in every leaf, a song in every flower. Creation never fails at leaving me breathless... and has always been my number one source of inspiration. From behind the piano, I grew up watching birds swoop from tree to tree as sunlight drowned our little forest in brilliance. I’d always find myself staring outside more than I practiced the piano. I was eleven years old when I wrote the lyrics of “You Are King”: And through all these wonders, the marvels in this world– I can see your majesty, your miracles, your mighty hand on me. And I can tell through all the world has to give, that you are King. Creation is God’s gift to us, an illustration of His unconditional love. Just like the heavens, the earth, and the animals live to praise God, we should use our gifts to glorify Him.

And of course, a post is never complete without a little inspiration, so here's an amazingly inspiring quote we found today...

This is just a little peek into our lives... What about you? Has April brought you any adventures? 


  1. Thats cool!!! This is your poet friend Shay. You girls rock! I am going to try to visit you when we go to oregon and seattle:) Also, on your spare time, you can do bible activites and watch kaleb videos on there too. at

  2. ^ to answer your question, April has been fantastic!!!! I am a bible teacher also and I have to people studying the bible! Also, the fair is Saturday. You should come. Do you like crazy rides like the ziper and coma kazy?


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