The End ... Until Next Time

Land of the Snow People - Photo by
"Snowman and the Red Thread" finished its last show yesterday afternoon with a standing ovation. As quickly as it began, the performances came to an end. "It passed by so quickly," Ashley admits. "They need to add, like, eight more shows!" Photographer Nick Fochtman took incredible photos of the shows and preserved so many memories. "It was a spectacular grand finale," Cayla says. "And now I'm so sad it's over! Whoever didn’t have a chance to come this year has to come next year."

What’s next for Cayla and Ashley, Polaris, and everybody else who was involved in this amazing production? A few days remembering the blissful memories, sadness that it’s done (for this year), and life will go on. Cayla and Ashley will shrug off their sadness as they leave for a vacation in Hawaii (yay!) and a time of vocal rest. One thing is for sure: the "Snowman and the Red Thread" will not be easily forgotten.

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