Two Shows Down

The Snowman - Photo by Nick Fochtman

Two shows, buckets of fun, waves of laughter - it's all zoomed by so fast. "Snowman and the Red Thread" is already approaching its third show! Each time, the performance gets better and better. And there's only three shows left! Cayla and Ashley have had the time of their lives working with Polaris, Robert Guitron (Artistic Director of the Polaris Dance Theater), and Michael Allen Harrison.

"What a blessing it has been to perform in this spectacular show," says Ashley. "We're so thankful to have this opportunity!" They’ve also learned a lot about acting, dancing, and working with others onstage. It is their first time acting and dancing in a real production (they do it a lot at home for fun), and they wish the experience would never end. Though there have been some glitches (such as almost walking onstage in the wrong costume), they (the glitches) have come with an opportunity to learn more and laugh more. 

If you haven't seen the "Snowman and the Red Thread" yet, don't panic! You can buy tickets today and see the Snowman and all his friends. Don’t miss this chance to see the “Snowman and the Red Thread”!

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