How To Have Cayla and Ashley with You Wheverever You Go

If you love Cayla and Ashley's music, you'll love this! Cayla and Ashley's new CD is available on CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon, so now you can listen to their voices wherever you are. What makes it even more unique is that all the songs on their album are written by Cayla when she was eleven and twelve years old. The music, sung by the sisters and accompanied by a full band, is a mix of both energetic and mellow pieces.

Cayla and Ashley's New Album
Cayla and Ashley’s debut album of contemporary Christian pop is filled with uplifting and encouraging music for your daily walk with God. It's a perfect worship album for your kids, or something inspirational to listen to in the car.

To hear a preview of Cayla's originals, click this link: Cayla and Ashley's album . You can purchase the entire album or individual songs on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, eMusic, and CD Baby.

The sisters have been working on this project for nearly a year (or possibly more than that). It is so exciting and thrilling to see it finished! Originally, there were going to be only seven songs on the CD, but in the last minute, Drift Away was born and entered the family. "So Ashley started writing songs as well," says Cayla. "And they were really good. Inspiration had been fleeting me for about a week, and naturally I was a bit jealous. I went to the piano and resolved to write something. Enter, Drift Away!" 

(Click here for a sneak peek at Drift Away)

Here is Cayla and Ashley's new CD, from Cayla, Ashley, and JAS Music with love!

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