Where Have We Been?

This has been a busy year. I mean, it's almost 2015! (And that's very scary, if you think about it, because I remember the first day of 2014 with astounding, startling clarity.) So what have we been up to?
For the past months, Ashley and I have been practicing Mozart sonatas for OMTA Classical Festival piano competitions. Last week, we both competed and won! 

We want to offer a big thank you and hug to our parents, our piano teacher, and the adjudicator, all who took the time to train and invest in us. You are all amazing people, and we're incredibly blessed to have you in our lives!

The best part of the experience was being able to play a Fazioli. (Aw? You haven't heard of a Fazioli?! It's a 10 foot 2 inch, $200,000 beauty that takes three years to build, with hinges and screws of 18-karat gold. It's the most expensive and beautiful piano in the world. PURE GLORY.) We are so lucky to have them featured in Oregon at the Portland Piano Company. 

Want to see us play? Just press play below! :)

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