The Land of the Snowman - Coming Soon!!!

Cayla and Ashley have returned from another "Snowman and the Red Thread" rehearsal, and they just cannot wait to go back! It is simply amazing to see the show come together and watch the world of Misha, Billy, Lucy Rose, and the Snowman come alive.

snowmanweb (1)WARNING: Plot spoilers may follow!

Misha, a shy girl acted by Ashley, loves nothing more than playing the piano. She fears Beatrice (aka Billy the bully, acted by Cayla) because "she always follows me around, and she's mean, and she's big, and I just don't like her!" One night, Misha is whisked off to an adventure of a lifetime....the land of the Snowman. She meets new friends -- the Snowman, Lucy Rose, and many others -- and travels through their magical world. Each world is filled with their own wonders and magic. The Land of Darkness, where the pitch black stage will begin glow (and don't forget the giant, glowing jellyfish!), the Land of Flight, where dancers defy gravity with fabric and more, the Opposite Land, where yes is no, and no is yes.... each world is an incredible adventure. And when Misha and Billy return home, they both learn to see their own world and the people in it through new eyes.

The show is truly an inspiration...for everyone! As it inches closer, and closer, and closer, we hope to see you there!



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