before turning thirteen, both girls performed in over 100 concerts and unleashed a professional album with original pop tracks. now, 17 and 15, the accomplished artists have starred in over 200 shows across the globe, released three albums, and dedicated over 1000 hours to community outreach.

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Cayla and Ashley are young artists passionate about using the arts to inspire and empower youth.

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At 10, the sisters launched their careers as performing artists.

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2014 marked the unleashing of their second album of teen pop, 'Limited Edition'.

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talented and passionate, the girls are ready to take on the world.

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Gloria | Christmas Medley

Gloria | Christmas Medley

Merry Christmas!

It's one of our favorite and busiest seasons... Christmas in exactly a week!

There's no better way to spend the holidays than with amazing musicians and Oregon's inspiring talent! Michael Allen Harrison's annual Christmas at the Old Church shows are "one of Portland, Oregon's most beloved holiday traditions" (The Oregonian). It's the 24th season with a run of 21 concerts... and there are still seats left for tonight through the 26th!

We're performing a medley of Christmas carols and our Christmas original, "Glory." Watch our live performance on YouTube.

      If you're in need of some Christmas spirit, go to http://www.michaelallenharrison.com/ and get your tickets!



Ladies and gentlemen, we have very exciting news for you! Our new album was released this week! 

After a year of drafting, writing, performing, developing, recording, producing, engineering, and mastering, here it is... Limited Edition. The new album features nine originals, with teen pop music exploring individuality and purpose.

To celebrate, here's a free listen to "Make My Move", the first song on the album 

And there's something for everyone. 

From the electrifying beats of "Make My Move" and "Limited Edition" to the calm intensity of "Stop Rewind". There's fun, spunky songs like "Colors" that make you want to dance, songs like "Mistakes" that reminisce our debut album, and powerful, redefining ballads like "Every Wall". 

The album is available online.

Look for it on Google Play, CD Baby,  Amazon, and iTunesOr, if you'd like to enjoy a physical copy, comment below or connect through our contact page.

Stay updated.
Like our Facebook page, subscribe on YouTube, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on concerts and new music.

Thank you for your support!

A Season of Music

A Season of Music

Christmas is our favorite time of the year, and not just because of gorgeous light displays, presents, and treasured time with family. December is month saturated with music. 

Last night, we performed in New Seasons with our band for two hours. This morning, we played Christmas music at a retirement center. In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing in 24 concerts...in beautiful places like the Old Church, the Grotto, and the Pittock Mansion. 

I'm guessing that on New Year's we'll be too exhausted for a movie marathon (or at least staying up till midnight), but that's okay! The opportunity to share our passion and the gifts God gave us with others makes the Christmas season extra special. 

So thank you for your support! And merry Christmas!
Having a blast in New Seasons

And so, I'm offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety-two
Although it's been said many times, many ways
Merry Christmas to you


Our new album was released on Google Play today!
To celebrate, here's a free listen to "Make My Move", the first song on the album

500,000 Lights

500,000 Lights

Last week, we had the opportunity to perform in the Grotto's Christmas Festival of Lights. "With over 500,000 lights, 150 choral performances, a petting zoo, carolers, puppet shows and hot chocolate this is a special event for the whole family." 

Singing in the Grotto’s 600-seat chapel was an amazing experience. Its cathedral quality acoustics have a 60 second reverb! In other words, once you stop singing a note, you can hear it continue to ring for a minute. It's enchanting. We performed some of our favorite Christmas melodies, including "Breath of Heaven" and "Glory". 

We're so grateful for all the friends and family that were there to support us! Special thanks to Tom Fullmer,the Executive Director of The Grotto.

The Festival of Lights is still open through December 30th!

Visit us on Google+ to see gorgeous pictures of the Grotto.

We were invited back to the Grotto and will be sharing our music on December 29 at 6pm. We'd love to see you there!


Christmas Single: Glory

Christmas Single: Glory

In less than a month, we'll be entering a new year. Can you believe it? 2015! (And I was just getting used to saying 2014 ;D) 

Last year we released our first Christmas original, Glory, in December. We performed the song in nearly twenty concerts over the Christmas season and we're so excited to share it with you again!

Visit our YouTube channel to listen to a live performance or stop by our store to purchase it for $.99 from iTunes, Google Play, CD Baby, or Amazon.

Enjoy Glory, with love from Cayla and Ashley!

Surprise, surprise...new album to be released!

Surprise, surprise...new album to be released!

Guess what?
Look what we got in the mail today...

Our new album, "Limited Edition", is here! Nine originals of diverse teen pop written, recorded, and produced just for you! 

The music has yet to appear on music services like iTunes and Spotify, but we'll let you know when you can purchase the album digitally. 

Until then, stay tuned!

The album is a week away from being released online.

Look for it on iTunes, Google Play, CD Baby, Spotify, and eMusicOr, if you'd like to enjoy a physical copy, comment below or connect through our contact page.

Stay updated.

We'll let you know when the album appears on iTunes, Google Play, and all the rest. In the meantime, like our Facebook page, subscribe on YouTube, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on concerts and new music.

Thank you for your support!
We're so excited!
A big thank you to our family, Crossroads Productions, our mentors, and all the people who worked so hard to see this project become a reality. We couldn't do it without you!

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