Mountains: A Must-See Video

Mountains have always shocked me. Their power, their magnificence, their majesty... not only do I feel insignificant, but I realize just how powerful God is. When I was given the opportunity to create a Multimedia presentation for a class in school, I decided that this would be an amazing way to improve my skills with Movie Maker (this was my second time making a video with the program), and most importantly, make a video that may touch people's hearts, encourage them, and motivate them to use their life to the glory of God.
Without further ado...
Here is Mountains, by Cayla Bleoaja.


Song One: Any Other Name by Thomas Newman
Song Two: Epic Music Mix Of Majesty I
Song Three:  Remember Me by Thomas J. Bergersen
by Cayla Bleoaja
We don't complain
When every day
We hold the sky in place,
We sit there strong-
Utter no words-
And gaze on all around us.
You look at us
And gape in awe
And marvel at our strength
We look at you
And wonder how
You hold so much knowledge
We've been here
For countless years
Sleeping, resting, quiet
But when we wake
And groan, and rumble
We shock the land around us
Our peaks are sharp
Piercing the sky
A gate  touching the heavens
Forests climb
Our tangled roots
And clothe us for the winter
Sugar falls from
White-grey skies
Then melts for coming spring
Flowers bloom
Creep toward the sky
And join creation singing
Each of us
Have our own voice
To praise the one in heaven
Creation is
Inspiring, beautiful-
But what are we for you?

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  1. Wow, you guys are really super with movie maker! My son is just learning how to use it. I will definitely how him this video.

    The music is excellent! Very well done!

    I would love to feature your work on my blog! I think my readers would love learning about you people who are doing good things and excel at what they love.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and connecting! I have subscribed to your blog via email.

  2. Sounds awesome, but I cant view it since u fidmt mske it available mobily

    1. +Cal Crehan Here is the link for it on YouTube: =D

    2. It says u haven't made it available on mobile devices...even if I try on youtube, I'm using thesamsung galaxy s3, tho idk how ud enable it


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