In Honor of Syllabus: Special Pictures and Videos!

A few days ago, we were battling over who would play the piano first. We were playing the songs we had worked months to perfect and memorize. We were sweating cannon balls and thinking about everything except a certain subject. We were laughing about our previous experiences and successes with this day. It was that day, after all — the end of one piano year and the beginning of another. Syllabus.
Syllabus. (Oh boy.) It is a program presented by.... 


Syllabus is a music curriculum and yearly exam that involves piano technique, music theory, sight reading, rhythm reading, ear training, and a repertoire of four pieces from different musical time periods. Students "are tested on their mastery of various musical concepts". There are ten levels of Syllabus that increase in difficulty. It is a nerve-racking, rewarding, and challenging experience every year as we learn to achieve musical goals, use time efficiently, and stay calm under the pressure. 

This year, Ashley spent forty-five minutes in a room alone with the adjudicator for her level eight examination. I followed with a fifty minute session for my level nine examination. The end result for both of us was the same:
  • We wondered why we had been so nervous
  • We were relieved that we didn't have to do this again until next year
  • We passed with all stars (explanation below)*
  • We were ecstatic that our hour with the judge was over
* Your theory performance (scales, arpeggios, chord progressions, vocabulary...all that good stuff) is graded according to a key identical to the one below:

There is no feeling like the emotion you experience when you look on the evaluation form and see that all the boxes are decorated with stars. Woohoo! Your repertoire, four pieces, are evaluated by a judge who writes her comments on the evaluation sheet. Yes, it's as tough as it sounds!

In honor of passing Syllabus, we are going to share some unique videos with you. In honor of Ashley being in level nine and Cayla graduating to the final piano level, Level 10, we're also going to share some cutastic pictures. Enjoy!

Ashley with our amazing piano teacher in 2006
Ashley at a piano competition two years ago

Cayla experimenting with the piano when she was....small

Cayla with her piano teacher in 2006

 Cayla practicing the piano (yes, that's Ashley in the background!)
 And now, two special videos of us playing a short collection of pieces from the State Suites at ProMusica, a formal recital where students and teachers can meet and share their music. This recital took place more than two years ago in the Sherman Clay gallery.

Florida Reflections – Treasures from the Sea and The Suwannee River from Cayla and Ashley on Vimeo.

Celtic Legends - Tintagel and The Ballad of St. Michael's Mount from Cayla and Ashley on Vimeo.

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  1. Congrats, girls! Fantastic piano playing. You two are too adorable for words. Thanks for the post.

    1. Aw, thank you for your sweet comments and for the visit!

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    The Wondering Brain

    1. Being part of the SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party is always so much fun!

  4. Looks like you two have a lot of success coming your way. Keep everything up. Subbed via email.


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