Hawaii Vacation: It's Good to Be Home

View Outside Our Window


We have arrived back to our home in the countryside. It's surprisingly bright and sunny outside, which washes away all sadness of leaving Hawaii and replaces it with cheerfulness. Birds swoop from tree to tree, the cloudless blue sky stretches endlessly over the fields, and... but it is significantly colder. Forty degrees colder than the weather was in Hawaii, and our house is like a freezer. Looks like we brought the sun with us, however... Hope it's here to stay!


We spent our last Hawaiian afternoon walking from Kahanamoku Beach until we reached the Waikiki Beach. It was gloriously sunny, rather warm, and so inviting. We never wanted to leave.

Our last sunset -- viewing it from our hotel with tears blurring our vision and hearts breaking... okay. We're joking. But it was a painful goodbye.
Boarding a ridiculously tiny plane as we make our way back to Portland, Oregon. This contraption actually isn't a plane. It's a jet. And in case you're wondering, we have no idea who that man in the background is. Another reluctant passenger, we assume.

What is your favorite part of coming home after a vacation?

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